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Obstetrics and gynecology: A history and iconography. Revised secon edition of Iconographia gyniatrica.

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In-4°, tela edit. e sovracopertina.  x, 540 pp.  Opera stupenda comprendente fra l' altro, centinaia di facsimili tratti da antiche edizioni.   "With nearly 1000 illustrations, Obstetrics and gynecology is the revised and corrected edition of the classic pictorial history, Iconographia gyniatrica originally published in 1973.  Drawing upon masterpices of art, archeology and medicine throughout the ages, this work is the most complete record of the woman's experience as mother, midwife, and nurse.  It is also the most complete pictorial record of the art andscince of obstetrics and gynecology".

Autore SPEERT, Harold - San Francisco, 1994 Autore del volume


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